Royal College of Surgeons

Medical College Accreditation Project ( Report to follow)

Work is being undertaken to demonstrate the important role health libraries play in Australian medical training programs. Here you will find an overview of the medical colleges and associations which have medical training programs with specific library requirements highlighted. Based on a review of documents with inconsistency and vague terminology, the below benchmark statement covers off requirements that Colleges and Associations should include as they update their accreditation requirements. HLA endorses the following Recommendations:

There is access to a curated collection of high-quality information via a health library with online access appropriately configured for physician training.

The health library is staffed by qualified librarians with expertise in literature searching and research practices who provide training and individualised support to trainees undertaking research.

The site shall provide access to a physical health library space with current and relevant resources, study space and computing facilities equipped with supportive software for research.

A report will be available soon. Contact for further information.

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