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This general set of results can be a good starting point to narrow down further to your specific area of interest. For a very simple example, you could add diabetes AND to the start of all the search terms you can see in the white search box on PubMed to limit to articles that have the word diabetes somewhere. Or you could add diabetes[title] AND to the start to find articles with diabetes in the title. For best results, consult an information professional.

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About: This page provides automatic PubMed searches on a range of COVID-19 topics. MLA also has searches available.

  • If you are a librarian and would like to contribute a search, please contact us. Noticed a search error or improvement? Use the library link under the search to contact the library involved directly.
  • If you are a clinician and would like to suggest a search, please contact your health service library. If you don’t have a health service library (or it is closed/understaffed), please contact us.
  • COVID-19 Key Resources may also be of interest

PubMed may not have the very latest publications available as it takes some time to index content. Consider also the preprint servers (Caution – not yet peer reviewed) MedRxiv, bioRxiv and SSRNGoogle Scholar can also be useful for very recent publications.

Please Note: This page will be updated as frequently as possible. Searches have been provided in good faith by librarians to help in the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.


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Preferred Browser: Any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox etc). If you have to use Internet Explorer then you may need to copy the search URL (right click on the search name and copy link address or similar).

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Full Text: Most of the COVID-19 literature is open access with immediate access to full text. If not however, contact your health service library or try one of these other options. 1) If your Library subscribes to BrowZine then install the Chrome extension LibKey Nomad for much easier access to full text PDFs. 2) If your Library uses PubMed OTool then open up PubMed (using the special URL) in another tab before using the links on this page.

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Search Alerts: You can use any of these searches as the basis for regular email alerts which will show you new articles in that area. When you are on the PubMed results page, click on the Create Alert link. This short video (old PubMed) gives more details.

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Modifying a Search: The provided links will give you a set of search results but these can be modified by removing or adding words to those in the white search box in the centre of the results page. If available, an information professional can advise.