Improving the speed of designing & writing a SR (15 Aug 2023)

Automation Tool Workshop: Improving the speed of designing and writing a systematic review

Presenter: Justin Clark

Research Enhancement Manager Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare

Bond University

Systematic reviews (SR) are a great way to answer research questions, but they can take a long time and are a lot of work. Fortunately, recent innovations such as the development of automation tools can help. Automation tools have shown they can increase the speed of conducting SRs, without impacting their quality. 

This workshop will provide live demonstrations of the SRA tools used when designing and writing a systematic review. Participants will gain practical experience using automation tools to design and write the protocol, methods, and results.

Where: Zoom –  link will be sent prior to the workshop.


15 August, 10:30am – 12:30pm AEST

Cost: $60 ALIA members $120 non-members. (One more reason – along with 12 others – to consider HLA Membership)

Please note this session will be recorded and sent to attendees following the event.


Justin Clark is the Research Enhancement Manager at the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare (IEBH). He is also the Cochrane Information Specialist for the Acute Respiratory Infections Group, a member of the Cochrane Information Specialists Executive and the Co-Lead of the search group of the Living Evidence Network. He is one of the inventors of the Two-Week Systematic Review (2weekSR) method, a founding member of the International Collaboration for the Automation of Systematic Reviews (ICASR) and leads the Automation Team at the IEBH. His work focuses on improving evidence synthesis methods to reduce the resources needed to conduct reviews of the evidence, such as by developing tools and methods for the automation of evidence synthesis. For more information about Justin’s research please visit his Research Profile.

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