Winner – Anne Harrison Award 2022

The administrators of the Anne Harrison Award take great pleasure in announcing that the winner for 2022 is Keren Moskal with her project

EBP Training Syllabus for Health Libraries

Design and implementation of an overarching evidence-based practice (EBP) syllabus that will organise library training for health professionals into a comprehensive sequential program comprising instructor led and self-paced modules. The program will be comprehensive in that it will cover the essential components of EBP for all health professional groups. It will also establish an exemplar for libraries operating in health care environments.

By creating an EBP syllabus and making this available for all health libraries to implement, the project will promote health libraries as essential providers of health education who advocate for and teach EBP. The EBP Training Syllabus will be the first of its kind available to health librarians in Australia.

HLA is committed to enabling research in Australian health libraries, using dedicated funding. Keren’s project is of great potential value to librarians in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

Keren will be presented with her award at the Health Libraries Australia Professional Development Day in November 2022.

More information on HLA Awards can be found here:

Anne Harrison Award and the HLA/MedicalDirector Digital Health Innovation Award

HLA offers its sincere congratulations!

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