Health Librarians gone in 10yrs? Watch the debate + (real) citations …

Recording (passcode – QQxd61T?)


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The HLA Great Debate is back, and this year it will form the final lunchtime Professional Development session hosted by Health Libraries Australia.

Six of the best and brightest among us (debatable?) will debate the topic:

“Health Librarians will not be needed in 10 years time”. After hearing all of the speakers make their case, attendees can vote on which side they think made the most convincing case.
To add a little spice, the losing panellists will also lose their jobs …
Nothing like a little existential dread to celebrate the end of the year!

Speakers: Frances Guinness 🍺; Barry Nunn ; Erica Hateley; Tony Courtenay; Laura Hurd 🎧; Angela Smith 👼

📅 Date: Wednesday 6 December

🕒 Time: 3-4pm (Vic, NSW, ACT, TAS); 2:30-3:30pm (SA); 2-3pm (QLD); 1:30-2:30pm (NT); 12-1pm (WA); 5-6pm (NZ)

Platform: Zoom

Meeting ID: 872 1955 2454 / Passcode: 101893

Come along for some fun and frivolity!