Cheryl Hamill


  • ALIA Fellowship 2013
  • HCL Anderson Award 2020


The ALIA Board of Directors confers the distinction of Fellow on Cheryl Hamill who has been a leading advocate for health libraries and health librarians in Australia. She has worked tirelessly to enhance the professional status of health librarians and the role of health libraries throughout her career.

Cheryl has been an active member of ALIA for more than 25 years. She became an Associate member in 1987, and was a driving force within ALIA Groups such as WA LAA and the ALIA Medical Libraries Section. She was editor of the health libraries’ national newsletter during the 1990s, WA representative on the first edition National Guidelines for Australian Health Libraries from 1985-1987, and one of the producers of the fourth edition of the guidelines in 2008.

Cheryl helped establish ALIA Health Libraries Australia (HLA) in 2001 and served on the Group’s executive committee through until 2013. During these years, she was the lead author of, or a contributor to, many HLA submissions.

At a local level, colleagues say Cheryl is always available to assist with professional development and to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She is generous with her time, advice and counsel.

Cheryl is currently the Head of Department, Library and Web Services, Fremantle Hospital and Health Service.  Here she has developed the library and information service as a leading model for integration and innovation, which will benefit other special libraries.

For her contribution to the health library sector, her service to ALIA and the profession, Cheryl Hamill is a worthy recipient of the distinction of ALIA Fellow.



HCL Anderson Award 2020

Cheryl Hamill has enjoyed a distinguished career in health librarianship in Australia and has made a significant contribution to the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) over more than 30 years. She was awarded a fellowship in 2013 in recognition of her tireless work to ‘enhance the professional status of health librarians and the role of health libraries’.

Cheryl has not only been a high achiever in the field of health librarianship on her own account, but has also stepped up to a leadership position, which has shown the way for others. This has taken many forms over the years, including efforts to promote open access, expert searching, research to inform evidence-based practice, advocacy, advances in library and information science education, professional development and recognition.

Cheryl is a model of all that is best in health librarianship, constantly looking for ways to improve the services and resources provided to clinicians and other library users. She demonstrates expertise in her own practice and seeks out the very latest information in order to drive further improvements – not only for herself and her immediate team, but also for her broader network of colleagues in ALIA Health Libraries Australia. Through her collaborative approach, including committee work, editorial contributions, original research, publications, presentations and papers, Cheryl has helped others develop a greater understanding of the field. Through her persistent advocacy, she has progressed the standing of health librarians in Australia.

She has been described by her peers as knowledgeable, inclusive, supportive, mentoring, generous, collegial, sharing and ultimately, inspirational.

‘Cheryl’s knowledge of health librarianship in all its facets is extraordinary, and she never stops learning. Additionally, she never stops sharing that knowledge. She has contributed her time and expertise to the Australian and international health library community in many ways, including via active and long-standing membership of ALIA Health Libraries Australia.’

‘Cheryl is the ultimate team player, contributing her knowledge and expertise, a practical, common-sense approach, and a collegial spirit.’

While her nominators say she does not seek out recognition for herself, the ALIA Board is pleased to recognise Cheryl Hamill’s substantial contribution to the goals of the Association by making her the recipient of the distinction of the HCL Anderson Award, ALIA’s highest honour.